Search Engine Advertising Explained

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Just having a website is not enough. People have to be able to find it, and more importantly, people who are interested in your products and services have to be able to find it.

So what if you could pay to have your website show up in the top results for relevant searches made by people in your service area?  And even better, what if you’d only pay when someone clicks on those results and actually visits your website?  …This is what search advertising can do.

Search results can be broken down into two basic types – paid and unpaid. We refer to the paid results as search ads. They are just paid advertisements placed among the regular unpaid search results. These search ads look a lot like the regular unpaid search results – by design.

If you would like to have search ads show on the search results pages for your business,  you can do so by paying the search engines for this service. This is how most of the search engines make money.

However there is one catch, the Google Ads™ and Microsoft Advertising™ (Bing & Yahoo) systems are very complex and constantly evolving. Using them effectively involves a steep learning curve, ongoing learning as well as regular maintenance. This is where Simple Search Ads can help. We are experienced and certified experts at setting up and maintaining these digital ad systems. We create and constantly tweak and monitor our clients’ search ad campaigns so they get the most from their advertising dollar. We also provide detailed (but easy to read) monthly reports so you can see just how well your ads are performing.

Simply put, Simple Search Ads can help you grow your business.

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