Some Frequently Asked Questions

…and some answers too.

Once you have subscribed to our service, you can send us a text message or email, or access our client support section for more complicated requests. For pre-sales questions, please visit our contact page or click the chat icon at the bottom right of any page.

It depends on how much more business you want. We suggest starting with our recommended minimum and then increasing it (if needed) 1 - 3 months after we complete the initial optimization to your campaigns. Keep in mind, you are always in control of how much you spend and can have us change your budget as needed.

Yes! You can change your advertising spend up to 12 times a year for free. Since the search engines calculate budget on a daily basis you can change it at any time. For example, if things get too busy in the middle of July and you need some breathing room, you can contact us and we can reduce your daily spend by as much as you wish.  Then once you get things under control you can get us to boost it back up again. We need about 1 - 2 business days to make the change each time.

Simple Search Ads will send you monthly reports with information like: most clicked ads, monthly spend, top keywords used by people searching for your business and more. This will help you gauge how much more your business has increased by using search advertising.

Yes! You can request for us to put your account on hold. We will reduce your spending to zero and you will not be charged our monthly fee moving forward during the hold period. When you are ready, you can have us restart things. The maximum time we allow for putting an account on hold is 6 months in any given year. This is great for seasonal businesses. Note: Should you choose to put things on hold in the middle your billing cycle, you will not be refunded any monthly fee, or part thereof, which has already been paid.

We do not store any of your sensitive billing information. Simple Search Ad's monthly fee is processed by Stripe™, a world class payment processor.

Search ad campaign billing information is stored and processed by Google™ and or Microsoft™ (Bing & Yahoo).  You will have access to these accounts and can log in at any time to view and manage your information.


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